Time to get registered for the 2018 season.

If you get your registration forms to us before 1st February 2018 then just pay the 2017 fee (£25).

From 1st Feb 2018 the fee is £30 per driver to register for the full season.

Download the form now from the Forms or Show page


Horseworld at Whitchurch near Bristol is overflowing with smaller ponies who they believe would make good little driving ponies. This rescue centre has been supported by Ivor and Wendy for a good number of years so I have attached a flyer from the centre for you to consider if thinking of a new or replacement pony.   See the website where over 100 ponies are available.

Countryfile Live Event - In the interests of fairness to our regular competitors, this event is only open to entries from those who registered with the BSTD prior to the 31st May 2018. 


It's lovely when a collective idea from the competitors comes along and in this case it's a charitable donation of £1 from anyone who flattens an obstacle when competing.

The competitors have come up with a lovely idea which we started at the Rural Pastimes event.
If any of you flatten one of the obstacles then give Wendy Scott a £1 at the end of the show which she will put in a box and at the end of the season you all can vote as to which charity you would like the money to go to.

This may also have a knock on effect as to Ivor & Jeff repairing the obstacles quite so much......or not as the case may be!!!!!!

Fab idea guys

Equifest - the entries for this prestigious event (for those who have qualified only) will be £40 per turnout. Sponsored by Adveco Ltd to drive for the Adveco Speed Challenge once again!


HILGAY SHOW - We have been contacted to say this show can no longer accommodate us and they have sent their apologies.
To replace this venue and date we have liaised with BBC Countryfile Live where we can now compete on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (2nd to 5th August 2018).

We are able to guarantee everyone 4 runs and this show will replace Hilgay as a qualifier for Equifest.
The BBC Live event has to be self funding therefore the entry fee per turnout will be £50 which is good value for money for 4 days at the show.

The categories (VSP : SPP : LPP : SP) will have their times accumulated over the first three days of competition and the prize winners for each category will be from 1st to 6th. The top 4 in each category will also qualify for the Sunday Afternoon Championship where there will be prize winners down to 10th place.
Those who do not qualify for the Sunday afternoon championship will run for fun on Sunday morning (Consolation Final).

Juniors - Only those juniors with a full 12mths competition experience may compete at this show and they too will have their times accumulated over the first three days of competition. The top two juniors will be asked to drive in the Sunday morning Consolation Final to find the top junior at the event. They will then be asked to participate in the prize giving at the end of the Sunday afternoon Championship along with the Championship winners.

Those who have entered for Hilgay may transfer their entry fee to BBC Countryfile Live by paying the extra £20 and immediately letting Ivor or myself know.
If anyone has entered Hilgay but is unable to enter or commit the time for BBC Countryfile Live can they immediately contact Ivor who will arrange reimbursement. If the full entry fee is not forthcoming it will be taken that you have not entered BBC Countryfile Live and therefore passes for the event will not be posted out to you.

Our apologies for this late notice re Hilgay but it was only last week we were informed by the show so I hope you all can appreciate the work that has gone into finding another excellent show for you all to attend.

Ivor & Carole


RUTLAND & RURAL PASTIMES - Both shows will be 2 separate classes on the one day with the entries being split in half. Therefore competitors will get one run on the day.


HILGAY SHOW - Entries closed.




COLLINGHAM SHOW - We have been invited to do a demonstration once again at this popular show. Those competitors who live near Newrk, Notts are invited to take part. No Grand League points.


The show is ON. Very wet of course.
Can those attending be aware that the event MAY, depending on the weather to come, be downgraded to a ONE DAY event as Sunday is forecast to be dry but Monday is forecast to be raining.
**This MAY have implications of course re classes we can run. It may have to be two open competitions** Please consider this as a long way to come if only one day for some of you.
** For those who have entered and decide the conditions are not for them, the entry WILL count as 1 of the 6 required to qualify for Equifest as it is a force beyond everyone's control**
Can all competitors think carefully about their personal circumstances eg : ponies going, transport etc and should any of those entered decide not to attend can they let either Ivor or myself know by message.
Please leave the phone lines free unless it's an emergency or an important travel incident to report.
Safe journey and anyone deciding not to attend then let us know and then contact Ivor after this weekend to discuss your entry. Thank you. Ivor & Carole.

BSTD Parking Compound at shows - Due to the increase in entries this season, unfortunately there will be a strict allocation of vehicles with drivers, grooms and official helpers to the BSTD allowed in the parking compound. Sponsors of the BSTD are allowed but not private sponsors of individual teams or non members. Anybody arriving with cars, caravans or camping without prior agreement with Carole or Ivor will respectfully be asked to leave. We will struggle with space at many of our shows this season and we do not want to alienate ourselves from show officials where we may lose shows. 

We would like to thank all our competitors in advance for their assistance in this matter. If you are unsure leading up to an event then our advice would be to contact either one of us before the event to save asking people to leave. Ivor & Carole


Back on board for 2018 are both the Faulkner Family and Medicmart who are going to sponsor the juniors within the BSTD. So big thanks to David,Kath,Helen and Chris. All the junior age groups will remain as 2017 so EVERY junior gets a crack at rosettes and annual trophies in 2018


ADDITION TO THE SHOW CALENDAR - 18th & 19th August. The Pet Show - see shows page